“Daniella’s tarot readings are thorough, poetic and specific. Tarot cards are of course image based and then require / lend themselves to being interpreted through a language vessel. With Daniella you really get the sense of the reader as a vessel for generating language. For me this is such a pleasure to bask in each time I bring her a “problem” or a feeling to which I am struggling to formulate my own thoughts. She is an expert at creating worlds with words and this skill is put to use in her tarot practice. She’s direct, she’s careful and she can be very blunt especially if you like that”.

—Taylor LeMelle

“Daniella reads with a precision of thought and feeling which is very disarming. As someone who often skirts around the edges of things, I really appreciate the way she distills important messages and imagery into very direct and clear questions for me to engage with. This required me to bring my full attention and awareness to the practice, which was difficult work at times, but I felt supported and empowered to feel into it. The way that she sets the spread and reads across the cards was also very powerful, inviting a sense of movement which drew me in to a different kind of relating. This created openings onto possible actions that feel very tangible for me to work with going forward.

In the weeks since our reading, I have felt the sharper edge of many of the things we explored, but having my notes, the carefully crafted questions and intentions, has helped anchor me when I feel confused and anxious, and reminds me of what I'm able to manifest. I can't recommend Daniella enough, but I would especially recommend seeking her out if you are looking to work through something with a renewed sense of purpose, personal power, and creative energy”.

—Natalie Marr

“My session with Sacred Song Tarot was all I had hoped for. Daniella was very respectful of any anxieties I had during the whole process, and I felt both supported and comforted by their interpretation of the cards. They helped me come to a better understanding of the reading by being patient with my questions, respectful of my limits. I felt their intuition was in tune with my mindset at the time and helped guide me so I was able to gain more clarity on the issues we discussed. The reading was done at the start of the year, near my birthday (which coincided with an eclipse, making it even more meaningful for me), so at their suggestion we had an Astrological Houses reading as an outlook for the year to come. At the end of the reading they gave me time to process my thoughts, as well as several tips on how to further meditate on the reading and continue to gain insights on it in the following days. In all, am very happy with how the reading went, and would suggest Sacred Song Tarot to anyone who is looking for an insightful reading carried out with patience and care”. 

—Andrea H

“Daniella has read my cards many times, they are the first and only person to do so. I often come to the readings with vague, abstract questions. Daniella is sharp and decisive, unraveling the details of what is in front of me, focusing on what is meaningful and mundane. Their readings have encouraged me to write more regularly and I’ve found it enjoyable writing from cards as prompts, but perhaps am more interested in the slower effect it has had on my understanding of reading, in particular how I read.

Through reading the images of tarot and having them read to me, it is possible to make generative connections between my emotions, body, actions and images. Daniella has shown me ways in which tarot can allow for a level of complexity that is difficult to describe and to find, in certain aspects of my life.”

—Sam Whetton

“My reading with Daniella, Sacred Song Tarot, took place over a three week email exchange. Each reading arriving on a weekly basis with an attached image, followed by a final fourth card pull in week three to close. The written correspondence held both close intimacy and an openness - words and thoughts that struck me on first reading gave way to deeper more resonant meanings and feelings on further reflection. I appreciated the way the readings were often framed around questions and offered practical advice/ suggestions of how these questions might begin to be unpacked and that each set of cards were interpreted in relation to what had come before. It was a brilliant process to be guided through and I am still finding much understanding and support in the emails as the months pass. “

—Rehana Zaman