Resources and spellcraft developed through my personal healing and devotional practice. Here you will find information about somatics and herbalism, ritual suggestions and poetry.

Inflamed, in flames
and soaring

A mini-resource written as an offering for all of those struggling with different forms of mystery illness, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, nervous system disorders, hormonal struggles and CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This PDF was created with the intention to help people design their own alternative health strategies when dealing with ongoing health issues.

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Sacred Song’s three of Swords Remediation Spell

Spellcraft for healing the heart. This is a crafting meditation based on the Smith Rider Waite image of the 3 of Swords card. It was created to set intentions for healing deep emotional wounds with the use of plants, affirmations, and stitch work.

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How to Hold, Behold, and Be Held, a series of collaborative readings with Rhiannon Armstrong, created for Wellcome Collection in autumn 2020.

An offering of brief moments of spaciousness within uncertainty. This PDF contains four tarot readings crafted collaboratively with artist and performance maker Rhiannon Armstrong. Our questions addressed the complexities of the pandemic and the various stages of lockdown, as we responded to Wellcome Collection’s holdings on tarot, talismans and the occult.

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